Enterprise-Grade Open Storage

Built to maximize storage capacity, performance, and uptime, the M-Series is the TrueNAS® flagship line of appliances designed with the flexibility to address an array of demanding storage requirements and adapt as needs change over time. With high-availability options and advanced data management tools, the TrueNAS M-Series safeguards data for mission-critical operations where downtime is not an option. , visit the Software Status Page.

World’s Most Popular Storage OS
Free and Open Source
Unified Storage Built on OpenZFS
Installs on Hardware or VMs

Combined Single & Multi-Node Edition
Scale-Out SAN/NAS/Object Software & Appliances
Linux Containers and VMs
128-Bit Open ZFS File System
Free To Download & Use
Community or Enterprise Support

Single & Dual Node Edition
Scale-Up SAN/NAS/Object Storage Appliances
High Availability
128-Bit Open ZFS File System
Enterprise Reliability & Features
24×7 Professional Support


Performance & Scale without Compromise

All-flash or hybrid disk and flash? The M-Series can be both. Combining vast system RAM, NVDIMM, and NVMe flash as layered cache provides industry-leading read and write efficiency and optimizes the performance of the primary storage media. Flash pools are supercharged, and high-density disk pools deliver low latency flash performance at disk capacity and cost. Fusion Pools, comprised of both disk and flash together, deliver the best of both worlds. With up to four 100Gb/s network ports per controller, the TrueNAS M-Series is designed to move terabytes at maximum speed.

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Storage You Can Rely On

The TrueNAS M-Series offers unmatched data reliability in both software and hardware. The OpenZFS file system is the last word in data protection with copy-on-write and bit-rot detection ensuring the integrity of your data from write to read. Dual controllers and high- availability options ensure over 99.999% uptime to maintain business operations and keep applications running around the clock.  

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Hardware Management & Upgrades, Simplified

Servicing an M-Series system is made easy by the modular, tool-less hardware design. Additional integrated enclosure management capabilities save time and effort by providing graphical visualization of the system in the UI, making it easy to monitor the state of your system from a single screen. If performance or capacity needs change over time, it’s as simple as a non-disruptive upgrade to higher-end M-Series controllers.


Scale Up or “SCALE” Out

Begin building the foundation of your scale-out, hyper-converged virtualization infrastructure with SCALE or use Enterprise for high-performance, ultra-reliable local HA storage. Expand to over 20 PB on a single M60 head unit with support for up to 12 expansion shelves, or use TrueNAS SCALE to cluster over 100 systems together for massive capacity and performance.

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US-Based International support and Local onsite support

Every TrueNAS Enterprise system is fully backed by our dedicated and top-rated professional support team. Enterprise support services with 7x24×365 coverage and onsite support options are backed by a global spares network to ensure international users receive the same great service. Our Hong Kong, China, Vietnam team are providing local and onsite support ...

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The M-Series is a 4U~52U system with dual controllers. Each controller has NVDIMMs for extremely low latency write caching and there is a high bandwidth PCIe interconnect between controllers to synchronize the NVDIMMs. The controllers share access to 24 x 3.5” drives (HDD, SSD, RI-SSD) and also can share 4 low latency NVMe drives which can be used for metadata or persistent read cache.

  TrueNAS M30
TrueNAS M30
TrueNAS M40
TrueNAS M40
TrueNAS M50
TrueNAS M50
TrueNAS M60
TrueNAS M60
Height 4U 4U~12U 4U~36U 4U~52U
Chassis Depth 27”, 686mm
Dual Controllers (HA) Optional Optional Optional Optional
DRAM Per Controller 64 GB 128 GB - 192 GB 256 GB - 384 GB 768 GB
Write Cache Optional 16 GB SAS SSD(s) 16 GB TrueCache® NVDIMM 16 GB TrueCache® NVDIMM 2x 16 GB TrueCache® NVDIMM
Networking 2x 10/25/40 GbE 2x 10/25/40/100GbE 2x 10/25/40/100GbE 2x 10/25/40/100GbE
2x 10GBase-T 2x 10GBase-T 2x 10GBase-T 2x 10GBase-T
Fibre Channel (option) 2x 16 GB 4x 16 GB 4x 16 GB or 2x 32 GB 4x 32 GB
Max Expansion Shelves 0 2 8 12
Max Drives Supported 24 144 504 1248
Max Throughput 3 GB/s 7 GB/s 11 GB/s 23 GB/s
Hybrid Storage (HDD + Flash)
Max Read Cache 800 GB SAS 3x 800 GB SAS SSD or 2 x 1.6TB NVMe (optional) 4x 1.6 TB NVMe 4x 3.2 TB NVMe
Max Capacity 500 TB 3 PB 10 PB 25 PB
Max Effective Capacity* 1 PB 6 PB 20 PB 50 PB
All-Flash Storage
Max Capacity 367 TB 1.1 PB 3.3 PB 4.7 PB
Max Effective Capacity* 1.8 PB 5.5 PB 16.5 PB 23.5 PB
All Models
Certifications Citrix Ready, VMware Ready, Veeam Ready, Asigra Integrated
Varies based on configuration.  Contact us : sales_team @ tops.hk, Tel:+852.23120878

Pricing Guidance Starting at US$13,500 with dual controllers and 1yr Bronze Support Starting at US$20,000 with dual controllers and 1yr Bronze Support Starting at US$35,000 with dual controllers and 1yr Silver Support Starting at US$60,000 with dual controllers and 1yr Gold Support
Guidance of approximately US$80/TB for Hard Drive capacity and approximately US$500/TB for Flash capacity. Prices vary based on configuration.

Datasheets TrueNAS M-Series Datasheet, TrueNAS Expansion Shelf Datasheet

* Maximum effective capacity assumes typical data reduction through compression and deduplication.
The M-Series is designed for maximum ZFS performance and five 9’s availability while keeping the storage affordable. With advanced read and write caching and expansion to over 1200 drives, the M-Series is ideal for multi-PB storage. For performance applications, all-flash storage with TLC or QLC flash can provide low latency and very high IOPS at industry-leading prices. Contact us for a system design and quote that will fit within your budget. Call us at +852.23120878 to Get A Quote

TrueNAS Global Support 24x7

From initial setup to mission-critical HA implementation, and critical LOCAL onsite support

从初始设置到 HA 实施以及本地现场技术支持服务

please call HK office: +852 2312-0878  China office: +86 0755 2590-4562 or email : sales_team @ tops.hk for enquiry.