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Tops Communications Ltd. since 1990*


* Established Tops Technology Company in 1990, registered as Limited company in 1993, Registered Tops Communications Ltd in 1997 and focus on communications software and cyber security solutions. 

Our Mission : provide leading-edge network security, network and security problem shooting, Wechat payment and mobile apps solutions at a fair price - regardless of organizational size or network sophistication. We believe that Netgate/pfsense/OPNsense security; Zabbix SNMP offers disruptive pricing along with the agility required to quickly address emerging threats.

About us : Our offices/factory are in Hong Kong and Shenzhen. Our Company was established in year 1990. Clients are spanning the globe from HK, China, Vietnam, North America to Europe. Our company culture is relaxed and unpretentious, focused on creativity and innovation while staying true to our open-source community roots.

We are IEEE professional member.

We are IEEE Communications Society member.

* IEEE : Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers,  The world's largest technical professional organization for the advancement of technology

Our Scope of projects : Since 1990*, We are HP9000 HPUX platform software developer, also a FreeBSD, Linux, Windows software developer over 30 years. We are familiar with HPUX, C, C++, Java development. We still have four HPUX HA servers are running for SQLDB and HPUX applications. We have 50+ servers in 4 data centers across HK and China. We are carrying HP, Dell, IBM, Cisco, Halon, TrueNas, Netgate NGFW UTM hardware, pfSense and OPNsense Firewall. We are cyber security expert

Recent few years, We started develop Mobile Apps; WeChat Pay integration and WeChat Apps. Also works on with Email Server development, Server Clustering,  DB servers, Web LiveChat Server, Cloud Servers, Cyber Security project, Zabbix project, Load Balancing, Fail over, SDWAN projects ... 

Looking for ETSnortSuricataMaxMindCuckoo SandboxAutopsy,
Open-source intelligence [ OSINT ] Framework,
[ MISP ] - Open Source Threat Intelligence Platform integration,
Collective Intelligence Network Security [ CINS ] , please call us for solutions

SIEM : Security information and event management
SOAR : Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response.
UEBA : User and Entity Behavior Analytics
DLP : Data Loss Prevention
EDR : Endpoint Detection and Response
WAF : Web Application Firewall
IPS : Intrusion Prevention Systems 
IDS : Intrusion Detection Systems 
DDoS : distributed denial-of-service attack
CINS : Collective Intelligence Network Security, predictive, preventive 
Tarpits : multi-honeypots, trap active hackers/attacks, predictive + preventive defense, AI technology  
PIM/PAM/IAM : Privileges Identity Management/Privileges Access Management/Identity and Access Management

In 1990~2005, We are HPUX, Unix, Linux, FreeBSD, SQLDB software developer.

In 2005, We started 爱思华宝(深圳)信息系统有限公司, focus on Email Cloud Server/Antispam Server/message solutions/cloud platform/mobile app software development ...

In 2006, We started FreeBSD, m0n0wall, pfSense 元の祖先 project. We are providing custom development of pfsense, OPNsense, We custom build your own Firewall, integrate with your network ... 

In 2018, We started SDWAN with TCP/IP Acceleration project in 2018. 20%~200% bandwidth gained on current internet line ... special HK<->CN MPLS / lease line / Broadband ... 

In 2019, We proud to be ZOOM cloud meeting solutions partner, providing ZOOM Meeting, ZOOM Classroom, ZOOM Room solutions, get advantage with SDWAN Acceleration ...

In 2020, We joined a global "Ai Defense matrix" development Team, providing "Tarpits" as the most effective defense matrix, to predict network threats, auto-sense in advance, reaching next generation of cyber security.

In 2022, We started another FreeBSD project: such as TrueNAS network, we join TrueNAS network, provide full range of TrueNAS solutions, a Multi-media NAS platform, a NVME Raid 5 NAS

In 2023, Launch new models Netgate 4200, Netgate 8200, Netgate 8200 ... further enhance Ai Defense Matrix 

In 2024, Launch first 100G WAN router, Netgate 8300 TNSR, by get the advantage of Vector Packet Processing (VPP) & Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK) ...

We have China permits : In China, We can offer 13% standard CN tax receipt, permit to provide IT services : 粤 ICP 备 07033118号,  粤公网安备 44030302000720 号.

HK Address : 香港荔枝角大南西609號 永義廣場 26樓B座
                    26/F., Block B, Easy Tower, 609 Tai Nan West, Lai Chi Kok, Hong Kong.

Shenzhen factory : #4093, Block A, South Wind Tower, Nanshan Cloud Valley, ShenZhen Innovation Park

Shenzhen office 深圳公司: 广东深圳市 罗湖区, 嘉宾路 爵士大厦 13/F., B01

Contact : HK office: +852 2312-0878 ,   ShenZhen office: +86 0755 2590-4562


sales_team @ tops.hk

sales_team @ topscoms.com

sales_team @ topscoms.cn

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Our legacy website for your memory, this website is retired


Global TAC Support

From Mass Storage NAS, Cyber security, IDS, IPS, Autosense/Autodefense to mission-critical HA...
HK: +852 2312-0878     China: +86 0755 2590-4562
HK email : sales_team @ topscoms . com     CN email : sales_team @ topscoms . cn

Netgate Extras

  • NetGate MBT-4220 >

    Netgate MBT-4220, Quad Core, pfsense+, developer edition, The MinnowBoard Turbot Dual Ethernet system is a state of the art compact
  • NetGate SG-1000 >

    The Netgate® SG-1000, the world smallest pfsense firewall, this micro-Firewall is a cost-effective, state-of-the-art, pfSense® Security Gateway appliance, a ideal
  • NetGate 1100 >

    Netgate 1100, a world-class best price-performance, elegant packaging, and an unbeatable low price with original pfSense. The Netgate 1100 is
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OSIgate SDWAN Gateway

use TWO [SDWAN] and [SDWAN Optimizer] devices to connect two offices,  built a virtual lease line, with TCP/IP acceleration via SDWAN protocol...

* [SDWAN] a new technology to replace VPN

* [SDWAN Optimizer] a new technology to compress packets, QOS and do TCP/IP acceleration, increase bandwidth performance 

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The World’s Leading Open-Source Next Generation Firewall firmware, VPN, Wireguard and Router. Proven value with over 1 million installations worldwide. Deploy today on a Netgate appliance to gain autosense; autodefense, IDS, IPS as Next Generation Firewall, overall capability or Active connections are very depending on pfsense setting, log policy, addon modules and hardware spec with full susprises. or can further collaborate with the high speed Netgate TNSR Edge Router ...

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Collect metrics / problem detection for Netgate Firewall, pfSense, OS & applications

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24 hrs Support Center :
you can issue a ticket to get support... or call our office or Emergency Business WhatsApp : +852.2312 0878

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